AD License Plate

AD License Plate

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Princess From A Car Park

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and we are well into the swing of all things post-summer here in the UAE. I’ve picked up my golf clubs again, have been doing a bit of freelance writing work (paid, apparently!) and reconnecting with the many expat wives here who flew the coop for the summer.

But the big story in the house this summer was our foster kitten, Parker. Named because we rescued her from a car park, she cleaned up pretty nicely. While I was completely smitten with this kitten, our other two kittens in residence were not.

After keeping Parker with us for two months of non-stop ball-playing (the girl loves to play ‘fetch’), non-stop swatting at the other kitties’ tails, non-stop trying to eat our food from our plates and non-stop purring all night long, we found her a new home.

One Thursday evening, one of John’s work mates came around and whisked little Parker off…

To Dubai.

In a Maserati.

Talk about a fairy tale ending... 

All this gal needs is a little tiara, right?

While I don’t know what the folks in her forever home are calling her, ’Princess Parker’ is a true rags to riches story and she is part of a young family that has three boys who love her to pieces and where she is the center of kitty attention in her fabulous new home.  YAY!

And even though many tears were shed (by me), we know in our hearts it was the right thing for all kitties and people involved. Our Mido and Tessa are back to their old selves (Parker made them both out of sorts) and we are all sleeping through the night again. Double YAY!

On a sadder note, early in September we came across a beautiful little dark gray tabby kitten who had taken harbor on the steps of our apartment building. Unfortunately, this poor gal had been hit by a car and was in very bad shape. We took her in for the night, fed and gave her a cool, safe place to rest. The next day we consulted with the vets and agreed that her suffering needed to end. That little darling passed over the kitty rainbow, but she will be remembered and missed.

We continue to check on the cats of the Corniche, though not as often as we’d like. But now that the weather is cooling, we are looking to be better about that. 

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